Negative please, it's always the same

I searching for some NOVELTY NEWS.

Something on which I can depend. It's a reminder, don't even have to think about it. Every time I get ready to do something stupid, "it kicks right in".

Now, I have tried and succeed at some really stupid shit. I tried to figure out what they were putting in the newspaper?

Negative Novelty

Here’s some more negative news, na ga tive, NEW ALRT.

Nega will you please?

What direction is up? How high can you jump, higher than the Empire State Building?

Secretary of State, why do you?

I don’t mean no harm here but I would like to say something I think may be found. It might not be true, but that remains to be seen. Hard Head Ass Women? Now, GOD DAMN.

I really want to write something good like Christopher Columbus discovering America?

Maya, Martin, ain’t talking about no punk ass, a man giving the wrong advice. Think about it, I don’t care what race you are. Content, you can’t be content with shit. Let’s talk about our President for a moment?

Be for real! *8* years of Bush, who really meant well. 400 years of White Presidents, give the man some peace, for peace sake. Give your newly elected President “a fucking break”. I know he ain’t as good… but HE IS A CHANGE – undeniable fact.

He did few things, but one the WHOLE. You “think” you can do better. I glad “my wife” ain’t the President. Somebody, trying to make peace with our violent ass. Mo negative news!

Come Welfare recipients, time to show your hand, give the man your support, why leave him in suspense. The only thing you got is your mouth.

I ain’t for no one man, he navigated, paved the way, won THE RACE WAR. Everybody don’t think the same. They or he was assassinated Martin Luther “Cain”.

(((your inner

Nostalgia in your sleep

If someone asked the key to happiness, would you give it? I was put on the wrong road home. I landed somewhere I did not wanna be.

Let's see here now? that means listen: You're standing in front of a real live bullet. The gun is in his hands, his finger on the trigger, what next?

You've been lucky so far. Think back a little bit: Who help build the country?

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