Identity Crisis

Art here, I think.

Especially in countries and communities that have undergone genocide, not once but twice.

Are you going through too much? Do you feel as if you are alone? Are you trying to separate yourself and move past the debacle in society?

Does identity crisis mean personality crisis? Is it about being an individual or group? With which group of us do I most identify? Communities that have undergone genocide, not once but twice.

I thought I knew who I was, but I just don’t feel like myself. In the name of demographics, is it Race, Gender, Religion, Political, Money, Power, Profession, Education, exactly with whom are you most ashamed? Are your thoughts and actions more in line with those your job and government?

What must I do to belong? Identity and personality crisis, is it the group or the individual? Of all the people I know about, it is me I know the least.

Let me ask myself this question the other way around? In which group can I not belong? Is it really upto me? Why am I the way I am?

What is the Nature of my identity, Emptiness, Confused and Delusional, Post traumatic stress, hyper aggression, rage, and even more abnormal behavior. Conflict explodes into carnage.

Do I really know who am I? My past and present is it too scary to find out? So far, I know I am a human being working on my issues with being. Why would I want to further complicate matters?

How do we live with ourselves? How do we become the individuals we are supposed to be, to become the People we are supposed to become?

So I am really looking forward to going here to know me better.

I'll tell you what, go here and help me.

(((your inner

911 Remembered 2011

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