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The Ultimate Challenge

Lil ole me

Lil Ole me -vs- SWAT TEAM

The object here is to bring attention, but the right kind of attention and I think this is a very civil and intellectual way to accomplish that—writing. A much more constructive challenge than you offered me or anyone else. I'm sure you do some good things, but based on my terrorizing experience, that is just my point.

Asset or Liability? I challenge you, your abilities to read, write and make sound ethical and moral decisions. Especially, during these tough economic times, everybody being forced to cut back and endure pain over the next few years. When you are getting quite a bit of media attention. Why? What is corruption and cronyism?

I challenge your intellectual abilities, as they relate to helping our communities; your job worth, value and contributions to the good of our communities and society, as in maintaining a civil, peaceful, non-violent tradition and approach to crime fighting. That doing your job cost this community and any other community more than your job is worth and is a contradiction in terms of maintaining civil disobedience. To provide our citizens with courteous, professional law enforcement services. SWAT stands for Special Weapons And Tactics (team). I am suggesting you exhibit Hitler type behavior and tactics.

I am out to prove that, as SWAT team members, the less intellect you have, the better your SWAT team job performance, which makes you armed and dangerous. And for your own safety, health and welfare, and that of those you are sworn to protect and serve; You should be required to undergo Regular Psychological Evaluation. Most importantly, the results of which should be posted for view by the public you serve. What’s there to hide?

I am here to tell you that your type of tactics, brute force, are not warranted nor welcome in our dive communities and no where else? Why don’t you put away your guns and try fighting crime with intellect?

Though you hold a prestigious position on the force, your duties are so secretive and disreputable; you are shamed to talk about them. Other than your “better than the best” ego, there is none to very little honor and valor in the performance of your duties. IN FACT if someone IS SWAT and has any pics or videos to show that would be awesome too...Thanks-- Info on SWAT recruitment?

Remember, my challenge is limited to your SWAT TEAM intellectual skills and abilities to perform tough, high risk duties, for which, you must volunteer and be highly recommended-- cronyism. What about earn the respect of the people you must serve? What is the minimum age requirement? What prior experience is required? How many schools, training, physical fitness tests and meetings attended, on a weekly basis? All the EXTRA Guns, Ammunition, Uniforms, Wire taps, Radios, gear and equipment? Cars, lights, and more fancy radios and accessories; gas, insurance and maintenance? Computers? What are the costs for one Kevlar helmet and vest, submachine gun that require a 40-hour training course and a multitude of tools and weapons including night vision goggles and "flash-bangs"? None of which has anything to do with the essentials of life. We are spending wildly without really thinking about the economic consequences in the future. All at tax payers expense, including those “frequenting and living in dives”.

Now, here’s the real question: Giving back, how much time do you spend in the community working with and getting to know residents? What are you doing to save tax payers during these tough economic times? Remember, you bust dives and all races. Hitler or is it Bush?

Divided against yourselves! How does your existence affect operations in the regular police force? <1> looking for a few good officers. a. willing to work harder because they know we're short, and we still have to provide the same services for the citizens. b. hard sell, given the lack of a pay scale and promotion system, which already is sending officers away. c. Eighty-two percent of them said they were leaving to work for another agency.-- d. show a severe impact in areas such as our crime fighting initiatives-- Macon Police . Now you know the real problem.

Ok, enough of my soap box.

Let us talk about crime. Drug Dealers, legal and illegal. No Big drug dealers’ means, No little drug dealers and No little drug dealers means you are out of a job. No gang leaders’ means, no gang members and no gangs means, you are out of a job? No prestigious crimes, no prestigious crime fighters. What’s the incentive here? Is it in your best interest to eradicate crime or to keep crime so you can keep a “best of the best job”? No crime, no SWAT team. Without a shadow of doubt, I have proven my point, you are more a liability than you are an asset to the people you are sworn to protect and serve.

Although you have been properly challenged and cordially invited, I am sure you can not and will not respond intellectually to my intellectual challenge, while the truth will not allow it.

I am not perfect, have no criminal background, special weapons or skills, nor high budget. Calling me dumb, stupid and a few other offensive words, You attempted to violate all of that the night you exposed to me your disreputable behavior and intimidation tactics attempting to provoke me to criminal activity, so you could make an arrest. The big question here is: "Why not?" I have at least a GED, live in a Dive and can hardly read and write. I do not deal in drugs or other illegal activities. My highest claim is I maintain the yards of a few good Preachers. However, other officials can better read and I am writing what most are afraid to say. Until then, I will be looking for changes and opportunities to read what good you are. For by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.

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