SWAT Team, Macon, Georgia

What they do not investigate nor report

Do they care what citizens think? Too many bosses? Protect and serve who? What is the perception of the local community?

Bottom line: They do what they want to do! I am sure they discredit my story, so why should I lend any credibility to their efforts? I guess the more teams, the South East Fugitive Task Force, the Strike Unit, the Narcotics Unit, CID investigators, and the gang unit, add to their task force credibility and bully behavior. Talking about HOMELAND SECURITY!

My experience, The Macon SWAT uses intimidation tactics to provoke law abiding citizens to criminal activty. They are just a bunch of Out of Control Cowards hiding behind their badges, bullying the people they are sworn to protect and serve.

Yes, they upset me and if you had my experience, I am sure you would feel the same. I am writing about it because people need to know. I have never been to jail and do not plan on going, but the Macon SWAT team wanted to prove otherwise. Our justice system needs to be cleansed from top to bottom. See link below

It seems to me, the Macon Georgia SWAT team is up to some old lowdown and dirty tricks.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008, Approximately, 9:30 pm, Macon, Georgia, the intersection of Williamson Rd. and Bloomfield Rd, I had the most terrorizing experience of my life, in my neighboring town. It was like a NIGHTMARE, where I met up close and personal with the BAD ASS DEVIL, this great encounter with the Macon SWAT team, who mysteriously appeared out of nowhere.

It was like the nightmare from west hell that brought back unpleasant memories of the sixties, slaves and masters, or a threatened white man against a hard working unarmed black man. It was a nasty intimidating scene lasting, I am guessing, about thirty to forty-five minutes. Well, I was home by 10:30, like good old officer, I would like to refer to as, officer Johnson, told me and made sure I "fucking understood".

This night the devil was dressed in confederate grey, black and/or blue, whatever colors the Macon swat team wears. They were in cars, lights were on and I could not tell if they were going or coming. One was just to my driver's side front, another in the intersection and one behind me. They were pushing/nudging/forcing me off the road and over to the side. Their lights were blinding, I could not see and had no other choice, for my own safety, I had to pull over.

I safely pulled over, didn’t move and was waiting on them to approach my vehicle. Well, they were taking a few seconds or two so I wondered what had I done. For a moment, it seemed their attention was focused elsewhere, when an officer or two approached my vehicle. They inquired and I told them, I pulled over because I could not see. They responded, What! Yeah, I could not see so I pulled over. You know to get out of your way; I could not see where to drive nor what was coming, so if for nothing else, I pulled over for my own safety.

It was like, they could not make up their minds whether to believe me or not. They whispered between each other, like we know he has done something wrong; we just must quickly figure out how to get to it.

So, I was waiting for them to pass and they were waiting on me. Their lights were blinding and I was at a pretty good size and busy intersection. Cops cars were all around me. When one member, officer johnson came over and asked me, "what was I doing?" Look, I couldn't see so I pulled over.

Confused, a bit nervous and genuinely concerned, I really wasn't sure what was going on. I couldn't figure out if it was a road block, Cops responding to a call, a rolling road block, or if they were pulling me over, but anyhow, I was caught up in it, could not see, so I pulled over.

Officer Johnson looked at me like I was crazy. I might be but I still could not see. By that time, others Cops, Swat team members or whatever have you, approached my vehicle. Little flashlights shining everywhere, my eyes, my car, they were acting as if it was a toss up between them knowing I had done something against the law or I had, in some kind of way, in a drunken or stupid moment, disrupted their official business.

I was thinking, so you really did not mean to pull me over, well excuse me for disrupting your business and I will be on my way. And just out of curiosity, they, one in particular, identified as Officer Johnson, inferred they were on some kind of routine business and asked, what was I doing. I said, I was just trying to get out of the way.

Officer johnson, continued to engage me in conversation and I nicely obliged. I wanted to be and was as nice and respectful as I possibly could, because they just told me, “they were not after me”.

Officer johnson’s questioning, quickly went from general in nature, to personal in nature--my name? SSN? have you been drinking? I asked, if I had done anything wrong, then why are you asking me these personal questions. That’s when, old officer Johnson, told me, That “Anything I said from this point on, may be held against me in a court of law”. Okay, what do you want to know? Old officer Johnson told me, He would be asking all the "goddamn questions". Now, he has a few questions to ask me and I had better tell the truth or have hell to pay, "Do you understand that?".

I am thinking this man has not even asked me for my driver’s license, he has not identified something I did wrong, as a matter of fact, I am being told, we did not stop you; oh, go on about your business, further, why is officer Johnson being so unprofessional and talking to me in such a harsh tone?

Old officer Johnson would let me go. It was like he was dead set and determined to make this little silly, stupid, if you will, coincidence, larger than life, so I listened, especially close and was as professional as one could be, but old officer Johnson, just would not let up.

He kept on with his questions.

Well, I wondered if one beer, an hour ago counts. So I told him, no, unless one beer about an hour ago counts. Is that all you have had? Are you sure it wasn't two or three or ? I stopped him at two. He cut me off, You better tell me the truth, you know what I can put you through and if you fail, "I will not hesitate to lock your ass up".

Old officer Johnson, threatened to do all sort of “wonderful things” to me, things only a perverted man would like to do to another. I was being as patience, nice, respectful and professional, as I could be, but he just wouldn't stop asking questions, when he finally asked me to let him see my driver's license. I asked if everything was okay, anything to stall for a bit of time. To tell the truth or to lie? Remember, the one beer an hour ago. So I took a big sigh and confessed. He asked if I had any other form of id. I said officer, I am sorry but you got me. However, if you allow me one quick phone call, I can have the proper documents brought to us, right here in a few minutes, see I just live right up the street.

Well by this time, more officers surrounded my car. It was like, I was not the subject of whatever it was they were doing, so I kept my cool, but just as quickly, I was becoming the subject. Well, they threatened to do this, to do that, "we gone lock you up"....It was getting kind of serious and I was thinking by law, I could go to jail, not for the license or drinking violation, but for fighting with a very lowdown ass SWAT team member, old officer Johnson. Probably, ain’t his real name either? I thought, well, they got me if they want me, so I will just tell the truth.

They ran the information I gave them, it all checked out; AND then, there was their decision, to give me a WARNING, give him a phone call or make him pay. All this while, old devilish ass officer johnson continued to insult. He made me know he was serious, when he poked me and told me to shut-up, I mean it, shut the hell up when I am talking, I am telling you!... He told me All about how he had me and could literally fuck me, if he wanted. He didn't know me, I ain't got no driver's license, crazy ass nigger, you had one beer an hour ago, so you say. That is when his little ass, told me to look at him. I nicely asked, officer Johnson, pleaseeee do not talk to me that way. Remember, I pulled over on my own. I wasn’t trying to run or escape, I was just getting out of your way. Isn’t that what all drivers are suppose to do when they see police lights?

Can you believe old officer Johnson, told me to only pull over, if the police are after you. He asked, Who would pull over when they see police lights? I told him, I would.

The other officers heard that the conversation between old officer Johnson and I was getting out of hand and tried to intervene. The more they called-off officer Johnson, the more belligerent officer Johnson became, he just couldn’t nor wouldn’t back off. Like an old bulldog, he just would let go. I had already heard one Officer say, Let that man go. Naugh, Old naughty Officer Johnson told me all about how he could still, put my black ass, under the jail and it wouldn't be a damn thing I could do about it,,,oh! Old officer Johnson acted as if just the sight of me,,,set his ass on fire. He threatened to pull my ass out of the car, he showed me his "big gun", swat team sticker, his power and his buddies, to back him up.

I really was sick of listening and nicely said, THANK YOU but, You said I was free to go, why are you still standing here insulting me. He said, Nigger, I will insult you when I get fucking ready and approached the car again, like he would seriously pull my ass out, lock me up and throw the key away. I looked at his buddies and I thought, "nobody is going to say anything or stop this foolishness". This officer is totally out of control. He is off the chain. He is an agitator. He is a racist. He is a lose canon. He wants and is trying his very best to provoke me into committing a crime.

The closer his buddies got to us and could over hear what old officer Johnson was saying, the more indignant old "badass"officer Johnson became. Officer Johnson appeared to be a younger officer, maybe late twenties, early thirties and full of, testosterone and hate. That is all I got from him. He threatened to make me walk home. He threatened to make me Get out of my car and he threatened to make me do all that old other police stuff and I just listened.

I gave a good look at his name and other identifying marks, but like a nightmare, I do not want to believe such an evil thing happen to me. I thought, I would hate to run into this old boy, in a dark alley and if I do, I need to be prepared.

Though I appreciated the well-deserved break, I strongly opposed the defamation of character. I felt terrorized, abused and threatened by my own police force. If this ain't a good case of police brutality, I do not know what is.

My tax dollars, your tax dollars, they need a raise, we are out here to protect and serve, call us if you have a problems...All that good garbage, duty, honor, country, the Cops publicly say, they have sworn to protect and serve, just went right out the window.

Yes, I was technically wrong, zero tolerance, no license or identification on my person, but I was respectful, honest and willing to cooperate, the entire time. I was willing to go through whatever necessary to make amends. Not old officer johnson, he is bomb looking for somewhere to explode and this night, he was going make his next example out of me.

Old Officer Johnson made me look at him one more time, made sure, I understood not to say a fucking thing, told me which way to very carefully drive out and they all disappeared, just as fast and mysteriously, as they drove up.

I am not telling every word, but this was my experience with the Macon, Georgia SWAT team, Wednesday, September 3, 2008, approximately, 9:30 pm. And you wonder what our world, in America, is coming to, especially, while soldiers of multiple races and genders are fighting to protect us and our form of government? I mean I experienced it first hand.

I know there is nowhere to hide and it is the same for them. But I think on all the others, especially, minorities that would have fallen and are falling victim to such an unfortunate incident.

This is a true story, "a black nigger, with a penis" today, 2008, by what is supposed to be our select group of professional, peace keeping, patriotic serving, crime busting officers. Treated less than a animal, the actions of these officers and in particular, the language and behavior of old officer johnson, exposed me to hatred, ridicule, contempt, and caused injury to me and my style of working and living. I also know, because I am a African-American, nothing will be done, not by man’s law, anyhow. That is how the SWAT team, Macon, Georgia see and treat Black folk, in Macon, Georgia, at night.

1. What a unique coincident, out of nowhere, the swat team doing a road block and Art pulling over because of being forced off the road?

2. If Art was no concern of your operation, why did you interrogate him, not inquire; but interrogate?

3. Why was officer johnson so determined, intimidating and defaming? Why did he refuse, unlike the others, to let me on my way? Why did he physically reach into my auto and put his hands on me?

I also know, there is a God who sees all and I am bring this all to him, in a most expeditious manner. I pray, one day, some how, some way, these cowards will be brought to justice before they cause even more damage to good, law abiding, not perfect, but good law-abiding citizens.

I still do not believe this happened to me and I want the world to know.

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