Mad as Hell!

Do something Grandma! Ever been that out done? Her, him and/or them? Think?

Being angry or mad as hell will cause you to do some "dumb ass shit. Think about it!

I think it was Virginia who most recently brought all my anger issues to my attention. But I say, if I have so many anger issues, what the hell do all of you all have? How do our jails, prisons and churches get so full? Why is it all about money and sex? Are they the root of our anger problems?

If so then I don't have any anger issues. Is there a reason for it? Why do you feel so compelled to do something about it? Is that where the togetherness went?

Somebody said or did something, now all hell breaks loose! I BE MAD AS HELL. What can I do about it? WHAT I BE so MAD ABOUT! Do I have anger issues? There are so many reasons to be angry, all of which is no reason, when I really think about it. So why do I blame her, him or them? Cannot I keep my thoughts and self together, without explosion?

Who wants to admit to anger issues? Well, that would mean taking responsibility? Why, how could I allow myself to get in such a predicament?

You know wars are started and fought over the same kind of shit. For what, why? Anger management.

If they do some dumb ass shit, will I? Where does it end? Think about that? Can I do better without causing hurt, harm or danger?

Just may reading a little about Easter will help.

(((your inner

Easter 2012

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