But why, for what? Rising from the Dead and what somebody said?

We're foaming at the mouth with anger Is it a point of never being sure?

What did past Easters mean to me? Rising from the dead, what an amazing feat and there is what somebody said. Is that all Easter means to me? Is that why things are getting worse instead of better? If it is so good, why not practice everyday? Do we actually believe that?

If you are Christian, it probably means another day at church, new shoes, clothes, special programs, Easter speeches and a big ole home cooked meal. But is that any different than before? Is that what Easter is all about?

We talk about rising from the dead all day long, what what do we actually do? Do we even get close or farther away?

Easter celebrations are held on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25 - learn how the traditions and customs of easter eggs and bunnies started?

Easter is another point, another mark on the calendar of time, to stop, reflect, take accountability for what I've done so far. To find a better way to accomplish them, in peace and harmony.

Easter is a great way to start the new year out in such a fashion, I can anticipate a great harvest.

Hope you can get there too. HAPPY EASTER 2012!

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What am I mad as hell about?

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