What kind of a Man am I


It's time to get to get Freaky? The 50/50 Concept!

Where are all the nice little domesticated ladies? What are you accomplishing? Are you freaking the Money Man?

What kind of a Man am I? Just what do I look for in a woman?

The 50/50 concept, have I ever been out my own backyard? Lord knows, please don’t ask my family! Is my word my bond? Even though I am a bondsman, my family would say NO.

Do I spend more time “getting” than I do giving? Does anybody really understand me?

The North and South are two different worlds’ - food, clothing, culture, language and education, can you see? A Yankee, A Catholic and a strong woman, southern guys and gals, they don't understand that me?

They tell her she needs a man to do practically everything that requires tools, mowing etc, etc. Is that why she prefers a man who has been out of his own backyard?

26 southern "family oriented" Christians on a train, supports the work of Eric Rudolf, "bomber", abortion clinics and allege Atlanta Olympic Park and they looked poised to win. Where can you find them, homegrown terrorists and spies?

She says finding "a man whose mind is open" is really hard to do, because she’s Not into wife beating, submissiveness or closed minds. Is she a Dom? If she does all that, what will "the man" do? Will you close his mind and mouth when you find him?

I am thinking the man will not know what to do, is that your point? Men do not understand the 50/50 concept and out of frustration turn to violence. Distraught husband watches his wife get fucked.

Is it that you only want to freak one man? What happened to the others? Are you a visionary?

Who’s dominating who? Do you understand the 50/50 concept? [What can I do for you? Where is my 50?]

Are you on the ball, do you really know how to get somewhere?

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How Evil Am I?

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