Man Stand For Yourself

Why have a significant other who will not shut up and will not allow you to talk?

You, as in every person, do have some human rights, don't you? Do you know when they are being violated or does that depend on who? If would like to know more about your human rights, see below.

Before you violate your human rights, agree to disagree and let old times go. Honorably! There will be times when two people will not agree, what are you going to do there?

Man Stand For Yourself, those are basic human and divine rights, with all due respect. Do you know how long we have been fighting, for what you so carelessly allow? Sticks and stones may break my bones but words shall never hurt me. Howerver, treating me like shit does.

Does not matter if you can read or write, every person is entitled to their human rights. Even though we do not treat ourselves as such, it is high time for that change, for which we are looking. You want to be free, they want to be free???

How could you live one way and present yourself another? Who would you be fooling? Be a man of your word.

Would not that be a beautiful thing, people loving people again and it is all because black people led the way? For one time, we lead the way to something that no one could or would mess up? People would seek your guidance, but why would they in this disarray?

But how can you do that when you don’t love and respect yourself? How can you tell others about them? How can you see yourself as the Christian, Muslim or other religious group, even the klu Klux klan had more dedication and loyalty.

If we think we are so real, does anyone know real better than us? For real, can you do all this shit to each other and consider yourself good or saved? Are we in this together or divided we stand? Can you join the ranks of your oppressors and not be an oppressor? Now, if you really want to know how to oppress somebody, without them even knowing and being made to fell guilty for what their oppressors did, then ask an expert?

God bless the child who has his own. How can you have your own, when you deny your own people? Are you not denying yourself? Would you expect your enemy to point that out? Must you go to school to learn?

Is not life supposed to be a give and receive? I would never tell another man how to treat his woman, but we must have some respect for each other and if that ain't happening you are allowing yourself to be treated less than a slave.

So how do you stand up? Have nerve enough not to accept disrespect? How low is your level of acceptance? You do not need to be violent, just accuse yourself until the situation changes.

Must I tell your wife to shut up? There is a such thing as your wife or your husband, your man, your child? Would you accept that from a stranger? Do you know what is a real punk?

Go ahead like Gideon and his band, in humility, in meekness, and in faith, with the quiet confidence and assurance that comes from having committed your concerns to God.

Don't put yourself or your business out there like that? Your reputation precedes you. If you do not stand for nothing else, stand for yourself.

(((your inner

Angy Woman Black

Human rights

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