I am a litta ashame to right this///

I do not know how i can end up in such shit? It hurted the whole time? At times, I did not know what to do? Do I keep a secret or does old boy know what is really going on? It was truly an adventure.

Have you ever seen a woman who just could not shut up? How were you raised? How do you conduct business in your neighborhood? Do you cheat your people? Would you? Do you take advantage of them? Or do you try and help'em?

A new family moves to your little town, Buckhead or so, in your nice little community, neck of the woods? You all are very neighborly, you go way back, 1965 or so? They, your new neighbors, are beautiful, extraordinary, as humble and helpful as can be; except there is this one little problem.

How do you tell them, you are not going to put up with it? You want to tell them you would not tolerate it? It’s evil, gets under your skin, it makes you nervous, you wonder how could two people like that want to be together, especially with three? Is she doing him a real big favor? Does she respect her guests or disrespect them both? What about herself?

What should he say? Does he deseve? Does any person deserve?

Why would any woman use another man, to put another one down? Why would any person? Can you believe that is happening, a woman now! I guess I am very naïve. Long range, what sense does that make? Short range, how do you derive any kind of pleasure or prosperity out of trying to put another one down? Mike Vick, Pitbulls and Parolees; how can you expect to go up, when you are always going down? How else can any person put anything down, without first (bending,stooping) putting themselves down? Try it just once, don’t drop nothing?

Can you imagine being pair with that nagging, steady mouth going, liar lying compulsory? I mean don't you ever get tired of lying, what about hearing your own self talk? I mean, you are a beautiful person, But think about all those lies?

Eveybody knows but you or you ain't letting on? You cause trouble everywhere you go and you think it is everybody's elses fault, especially the ones you claim to be closest to you? Think about shit? That very thing is what got our government F'ed up. There we complain about it, rights violations and all that other bullshit. How do you know the difference?

Why would any person beat down the person taking care them?

Anyway, I feel a lot better now, because she used me to do that? First, I thought it to be old boy's fault, but he is just another nice man, and happened to be Black; trying to help his fellow man. Just happened she is female and just happened to be black, which is against what you usually say about nice men black. And then she is Black? Didn’t, at least we learn anything from that? What happens when one man puts another one down? Does he stay there? How long will you stay to see?

Can't we put her in jail for something, black on black crime? Isn't there a additional penalty for homocides. What if a white man did that? Have they even stopped? Why should they? What kind of example are we setting? Aren't we special because we have one littla thing in common? I mean we could curve-side-bomb everyone else, but why would you curve side bomb yourselves?

How further behind does that put us or is it further ahead? You know, no matter how many rights, how light your skin, what school/university/church you attend; you just cannot get away from somethings.

Why be harder on Black Ass African-Americans, while they should be the least of them, for very obvious reasons? Should an African-American ever consider another African-America a stranger? Could he or should he have any reason to expect him to be a true friend, truer than most? Do you know who the enemy is, why shoot the friendlies? How do you know they are friendly? You see, I am talking about some real dumb ass people, who will shoot anybody for no reason? And have nerve to be asking for rights? Is it safer to live in a black neighborhood?---Yes, because we do not keep score.

You want to be happy when you meet another African-American, but right now, you do better to knock him in the head first. They talk a whole bunch of shit to each other, but when that white man tells your ass to jump! YOU KNOW! It is what it is?

Now, to the change! So we can treat ourselves like a friendly people, with great dignity and respect, GREATER THAN THE REST BECAUSE WE HAVE REASON TO BE. WHY NOT INVITE EVERYBODY ALONG? TO HELL WITH THOSE WHO DON'T. Will we gain or will we loose?

How does it feel to be betrayed? How does it feel when you find out it was by one of your own? Where and to whom is your loyalty and respect? Is that right, is it suppose to be? Why don't we do what we are supposed to do, not more or less? Why don't we lead the way, one for all allforone? Is there honor in that or more honor the other way?

Are you too scared somebody is going to shoot you, arrest you FOR NOTHING? See how chicken hearted we are? Is real power in the gun, drugs, army, sports, celebrity, the hood or you? I have got the power.

Sorry ass people and even sorrier ass sisters? Old School? All she did, all day long, was block her own stupid ass way.

No matter who you are, why block your own way? If you block this way, you gon run around to where?

I am going to write another: Would it be best to shoot your new neighbor or bring them a bowl of soup?

Why allow that in your neighborhood, house? do it at your own but not anyone else's. Don't bring it to mine. Respect somebody? Why bite the hand that feeds you?

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