Man Sharing

Man Sharing: Dilemma or Choice. But, as one man told me, it's like masturbation. Everyone's doing it but nobody's going to admit it.

Sounds kind of nasty doesn't it? The men are the perpetrator and women are the victims. You do not like it. You are trying to make your relationship work. You are scared of losing him and ending up alone! You don't want to deal with it? You are saying it is a dilemma, Boyfriends and Husbands, all races? Women who knowingly participate? Everyone's doing it but nobody's going to admit it.

How did that happen? Most women desperately want a committed, exclusive relationship.

We have these high expectations on one hand and on the other there is nothing to back them. Temptation is ever increasing and we want all the good, without the bad.

Now, if you want to change that, think backwards. That is exactly my point; we do not know where we are going. It is not just a man thing, it takes two to tango. Women are just as guilty as men, if not more. I write that the world’s most powerful man is a woman. That is the biggest reason why man-sharing is so wide-spread. We are our own worst enemy.

Most women desperately want a committed, exclusive relationship. From age 18 - 35, when we are all just learning about life, what no one is willing to admit? Get it right the first time, I don't think so?

A committed, exclusive relationship; the quick fix is, you are going to have to be that until you find the man who wants the same. What is so hard about it? If you can not be that, how can you expect to find a man who can? F.E.A.R: Finding Excuses And Reasons.

And there are men who do, that is a social reality many find startling. People must be free to choose and when you enter into a relationship you ought to understand that! With time, things and people change.

Do you ever think about that when you send your spouse off to war? What about when they are spoiling you? We are a spoiled people.

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