Marriage Things That Divorce

Are you free to date before marriage? When does dating stop?

Marriage, like money, changes some people? That is another change you have got to make. My question would be why, if you were living the kind of life you are supposed to?

Babies, are you ready for the unexpected?

Jealousy and change of routine.

The system is setup for failure unless you have some very good home training.

One generation expects one thing while the other is doing something different – too many gaps and not enough effort to close them.

Then there is the confusion in Today’s marriage. The unthinkable man has tweaked it to the max. There are the questions of gender, money, power and lines of responsibility. Nobody knows what to do and marriage has become an institution to make a political statement rather than raise a family. Would you marry that person if he was broke, busted and disgusted? We are marrying for the wrong reasons.

Marriage brings on a control issues, which are being used to exploit marriages. Who is to be trusted? Women want security, but the new security is based upon the ability to be able to take some kind of legal action – our justice system. You fall in love, that no one understands and you secure your relationship by “getting married”.

Cheating, the temptation is so great and growing.

Being unequally yoked and the list goes on?

Man-sharing as in a marriage or man sharing as being single? Either way, where are you going? We do not teach responsibility, it is implied!!!

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