Poor Folk Stupid

Poor folk are as stupid as hell and here’s Why…

ARe poor folk in the majority or minority? Then, why is shit turned "upside down"? Do you better operate in an upside down environment? Then why do you? What is your fashion statement can you even wear your own clothes or do they look homemade? Is there something wrong with "homemade"? How does "name brand" become more to you than your own brand? How does shiny wheels on your car help in operating? Didn't you paid too much for it already? Did you know it is your stupidity that's driving prices through the roof? If wealthy people had to deal with what you put yourself through, they would change all these off-balance systems, but because poor people don't complain or resist, we're all subjected to the same old bullshit. Art don't call it bullshit?

You say you don't have a choice, but you'll go to church and say, Everything is possible. You've done that so much until it just doesn't make any sense to go to church anymore.

Poor people fail miserably and overlook the obvious - lessons learned. The more you teach us, the worse we get, so much so until we turn on our own selves. So I hope this helps someone other than me, to learn just how stupid our "stupid dumb asses" are and just may be we will do better.

Why do you allow evil to dictate to you? Why do you entertain their thoughts over your own? Do you want to be like those people you see on tv or do you just want the money? Then why don't you create something to get the money instead of stealing their money for yourself. That's why we have lost our jobs. Poor people have no desire to learn what's really going on. They just want the money so they can do even more stupid shit.

Why don't poor people take care of their homes, neighborhoods, each other....

What does it take for you to get off your ass and do just as much for yourself as you do those against you? How can you prosper from helping the very people who want to keep your ass down? What good does that do for you?

Now, here’s how stupid your “DUMBASS” is and why: First they teach you not to call anybody stupid, in front of their faces, because they do not want you to know how stupid you realy are. If you knew that, then you would call them stupid asses. Now, you can say, “back at you” but I ain’t afraid to tell it.

Poor people always want something for nothing, then the ones who finally get it turn against those who don't, then they join forces acting like they're helping the poor.

As I formulate my words, it just goes all throw me how stupid, I don’t know a better word, may be stupid and dump “poor folk” are. Is that one of the reasons our leaders are so concerned about Middle Class America? I mean all the “upper crust” just ignores the hell out of poor folk and our stupid asses keep trying to appease to them.

Poor people are “always” trying to get something for nothing! You really must say something drastic to get the attention of poor people. They go to school for the wrong reasons, just like they do everything else. How will we ever learn?

Jobs, why would you want a job you did not create and have absolutely no desire to work? Are you so in need of a dollar that you would do anything for it? Don’t you think we all know that? And you wonder why our selection criterion is so off balance. You wonder why immigrants are pitted against you. You wonder why they out-sourced the jobs you so abused.

Does education make you any smarter? Who sets our educational goals? Is our system of education designed to help poor people or to get away from their stupid asses?

What class of people set all the standards for America? Why do we allow only the wealthy to set “all” the standards for poor people? How can a rich person accuse a poor person of cheating? Why do you listen to them and not to your own?

Do you know how eager poor people are to take on the burdens of the wealthy, then why aren’t the wealthy just as eager to take on yours? Above all, why do we teach our children to work for the wealthy?

Why don’t poor people work together? Why will not poor people work just as hard for themselves? Why would you break your back for something that is not real? Is real really that important to you or are you just acting? Why act stupid? Now, do you know why it is so hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not?

I mean wealthy people actually detest poor people and have taught poor people to detest themselves and each other.

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