Manufacturers in Life

Is a master someone who falls for everything? Would you know if the timing was right for you to do better?

Learn faster, perform better.

Manufacturers, I know the people I know are upto something, just like me. But right now, it is not prospering me. Things are financially too tight and I must figure a better way. The crazy part about it all is, this website is it - my footprints in the sand.

Oh no Art, I'm doing great. All I say, is look around you? Do you like living in fith?

There’s evil and good, why doesn’t our quality of life reflect all the good we’ve done? Something just ain't right here and you ain't saying a damn thing.

Now, if you had to pay me for poor quality water, I would be a poor man, but whoever heard of paying for water you can't even drink? Somebody said these are my expressions, but I am here to tell you, "This is a fact and a serious health issue". And if something isn't done very soon, the shit is just going to get worse.

just like a bad relationship, how can you change it without actually changing it and if you are so smart why do you keep allowing them to KILL us? Why can't you figure a better way, "it's time". And I have.

Today, we have more churches yet, we manufacture more crime. More schools, yet we manufacture more idiots. Is more better? So why do we keep doing more of the SOS? Now, you understand why our jobs are quickly disappearing.

If we’re not manufacturing good, then it has to be evil. If it is evil then you know we must change.

Are you really as independent as you would like to think? Some of us are more independent than others and most of us are not as independent as we would like ourselves and others to believe.

The reason for that is, we manufacture absolutely nothing for our lives? When a neighborhood manufactures nothing, that means the people in it are the same. Is this a me world or me world?We should be the Manufacturer for our lives and in our differences, come together for the good of the whole.

So as you go through, think about that Spiritually, what are you manufacturing? Can you manufacture anything alone? So with whom are you teaming?

Masters of our own destiny.

(((your inner

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