People can mess you up

Am I supposed to say these things? What's so profound about that?

Do you hold yourself accountable?

They can fix you just as well. You can be going along minding your own business and then, Up jump the devil? And these are no foreign devils either. They are very close, closer than you think, closer than you want them to be to you, but you just don’t know.

Do you learn a lesson from betrayal? How do you guard against it?

So, why would someone, anyone want to mess you up? ARe we taught to mess each other up? What about COMPETITION GONE OVERBOARD?

Do most of us really know where to draw the line?

People can cause you to fail if you allow, if you aren’t careful. I’m thinking of all the ones, in my life, who blamed me for their failures.

Now, some did come back and show themselves the "bigger person", but most just don't give-a-damn. And Lord don't have something they want.

I befriended a couple of young boys, late twenties early thirties, who just happen to be black and part of the reason why I did it is because they were black and young. But do you know, the came when I wasn't home and stole every garden tool, they could get their hands on. Why was that?

For who are we fighting this war? if we can't get it straight in the hood, how can we get it straight anywhere else? If it ain't straight on the outside, is it straight on the inside?

So, what exactly are you doing about it? Terrorist attacks, how do you defend yourself? Do you learn a lesson from betrayal? How do you guard against it? Going into seclusion will only make matters worse. The best way is to Surround yourself with people whom have deemed themselves worth and trust no man. Hold them all accountable. Don’t let your guard down.

You SAY: Are you messing up yourself or is the people around you? How do you keep from getting the shaft? Must you be shafted once or twice? Then what?

We are products of our environment. Recognize, communicate and police ourselves. A man of his word, then none of it is necessary. This is how it gets started: Niggers ain't shit!

(((your inner

People don't want nothing

People in Authority

NO Income!

The Spirit of Multiplication Is it the same as duplication?

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