March 2010 Has Arrived

What does that mean?

Everything has to do with timing. Get ready, get ready, get ready. The birds are singing already. What are you doing? People have learned to hide their feelings? Surpress and depress.

1 March 2010, Well, I finally made it out of the cold weather, I can see daylight anyhow. As you may be able to tell, I love warm weather and where I live, on the 20 and definitely by the 21 things will be blooming. We good a get a good dose of all four seasons, with summer being the longest. I love it, and it is never boring.

Spring is my favorite time of year. You can see the old or what seems to be dead come back to life. You will see new activities, courtship, mating, food in abundance. That’s why I love Spring. I can be right in love with it. Time for sowing seeds….

I’ve committed myself to kicking it up here,,,this website. Why are good productive citizens worried or making a big deal out of President Obama smoking? Why don’t the man have a personal life? Mass media and Punks. That’s generation from which I come. People complain like hell about cigarette smoke but they will sit around burning candles all day. They will use gas to cook. Fireplace? It is the sign of the times. Fire was one of the best discoveries, but slowly….I told you some people can not exist without creating more problems for everybody. Solve one and they will go find another. Like a dog that is always bringing junk home. One shoe, one ragged glove, an old dead animal?

I don’t like talking about events so much, because most do not make too much since any how, but I will continue to be a better me. So this spring expect more fire.

The power of imagination is in full affect and I am going to be so good to it. You know, God uses imagination to show you things. How do you think animals know what to do. What the difference between imagination and instinct? Do you need them to tell you are hungry? And there is a penalty to be paid for not following them. I am going to be the best me, i can be.

More special someones are coming into my life and I am going to work with them more than ever before. They need me just as much as I need them. You know life is to short to fucking around, playing games. I love you.

In time, God will restore the peaceful relationships that existed in the garden between animals and humans. Everything and everybody has got to eat.

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