Marriage and The Common Prostitute

For this guilt and shame who do we blame?

Does the institution of marriage make you any better than the common prostitute on the street?

You have got to get married before you do anything? How does marriage and why is the institution of marriage the signal of approval to get your life going? Why do you need a license and a beautiful wedding? Why do you need to pay?

You would say, that a common prostitute or whore is sleeping around with everybody and you the good wife and husband is sleeping around with and “only with” each other? But is that true? It is amazing how and to what extent people will go to disguise their own pain and suffering? The trouble through which they will go to cover their guilt? It is like being stopped by a policeman, how many will guilt admit?

What does the common prostitute have to say? What do divorcees have to say? Another subject coming soon, how does being married several times make you monogamous?

What do our good well meaning families; productive citizens and our government have to say?

What do gay people have to say?

What do Priest Hood and all our religious leaders have to say?

What about the religion and race card?

Then, why do we have so many marital and family problems? Why are we so afraid of change? Why is all this changing no matter what you say? Why do you keep applying the same old solutions, yet expecting a different result? Is it an individual or personal problem? Like lining up on the river bank and keep pushing each other in? Why do we keep applying tremendous pressure on each other when we know it is not working? Is it because of what we would like to believe and/or is it because of what we would like others to believe? Wherein lays the guilt? Wherein lays the shame? Wherein lays the truth? Why?

What happens when you fail to recognize a problem? What happens when you refuse to properly address it, how can you? How do you start the process of HEALING? Is the truth really the light? Will the truth set you free?

The common prostitute says, “Let them without sin cast the first stone”.

Now, this little paragraph is for the people who question Why do you keep touching on these very sensitive hide in the closet subjects? Respect is a two-way street. What is a Courtesan .............?

Spring the trap?

(((your inner

Why is the institution of marriage again under attack?

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