Spring the trap?


Trooper or Trapper, to which voice do you listen? What if you fell in a trap and nobody stopped to help? Today, we are pretty clever about doing that.

What good does it do one man to set a trap for another man? What about the code of conduct?

Who set all these traps, why? Are they the dangers we create in life. Who is going to tell you about the traps? Will you learn about them in school? Who are The Trappers that maintain and monitor these traps? What about the poachers? Poaching is a crime? Is it a crime to trap another human being? What is a scam? It is too late once you have been trapped? Just how do these traps look?

What animals are they trapping? If you ran across a trap what action would you take, should you? Is warning people about the traps authorized or is it discouraged? Trappers discount and discredit people like me, people who tell about the traps they set. I do not have an education? I do not have a nobel prize? I am not a trained journalist? I do not know about what the hell I am talking? Nothing I say is official? I write entertaining stories that are good for nothing because I have nothing? Which drugs am I on, legal or prescription? Are the results the same? Do you know them? Keep in mind that you do know and here is the truth and proof!

Where are the People who tell you truths? So if nobody sanctions or approves me, am I a rebel, am I a savage beast? What does that make them? What does that make the Trapper? What does that do for the people being trapped? Does that make me a Trooper or Trapper?

Trappers want you to be confused, it is to their advantage? Does that tell you anything? The only people that do not need to know about the traps are the ones being trapped?

Why is trapping so dangerous when the traps are not marked? Do you know the signs? What about a speed trap, a drug trap, a job trap, a money trap, a religious trap, sickness and disease trap? Trappers are much cleverer than their prey and the smarter you get, the smarter the trap –Smart Phones, IPhones. Would you have ever believed a people would be so trapped by a telephone, TV? Why else are we so worried about what you do? Why is there so much pressure on you to walk the established trails of life? Who cares who does the job, as long as the job gets done? Think about that? Why create unnecessary stress? Today, when you look back, are they getting you to where you need to go or are they driving “the people” more crazy? What about the Humanitarian Award?

Where are these traps located? They are located along the road you most often travel.

Daily, how many of our own do we lose to the traps and Trappers? How many of the trapped do we casually walk by as they are suffering? Is there an ethical and moral responsibility to mark, warn, and/or disarm the trapped? Do we not have the same responsibility to free the trapped?

Is it the same as when you see an American Policeman or State Trooper hidden in the bushes – Don’t ask, don’t tell? The question is, Does one human being have the right to trap another? Is it a violation of moral and ethical laws for one human being to alert another? Why is it a violation of the land?

Life is all about the people being trapped. Then, why all the "United We Stand"? What do we stand to gain by asking and telling? What are we losing by doing otherwise? When a trapper sets traps, these traps save him time, effort and money? A Trapper can more accurately aim his traps at his choice of prey, just depending on the bait? Once you are hooked only luck can get you off or on the other side of the door of no return. That is very sad is it not? Why else would a man need to set so many traps? What is the simple solution? Does anyone have to tell you? Do you support the Trappers? You cannot be both a Trooper and Trapper at the same time!

Up Front?

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