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Insurance has evolved into something you have got to have... What can you do instead? And it bette...r

What could be better than Life Insurance, but is your life insurance policy up to date? Is it a struggle to maintain? Is it a waste of your valuable time?

Health insurance, do I need to ask? Is it working?

Homeowners insurance, are you insuring your home or the home of those offering you the policy? How does insurance companies profit so? Do they pay out more than they take in? In one way you would think so, but in another your mind tells you, if they did, how could they survive. So you know the truth.

The thing I'm selling here is ROCKS? What the can something so simple as a rock, DO FOR YOU?

How do I get my ROCKS OFF? If you don't have one on you now, you will once you hit the grave yard.

Get your rocks so you can enjoy them while you are living? Get one for eveything you need to do? Can you remember why you put that rock in your pocket? Right there in front of your face.


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