Masters and Slaves 2010

How can a master be a master without slaves?

What happened to your slaves? What happened to your masters? No guilt trip here? You know every damn thing else, but for some reason, you just cannot seem to remember what happened to all your defenseless slaves, who did it, statue of limitations and what should be done to make restitution. Accountability, what happened there? Why is that? Drunk speak!

You can poll, survey and study Presidential elections, you can question a man all about his background and history to meet your own approval. You can dig up shit from way back to tell a person about to whom they are related. You can hold everybody else's feet to the fire, but when it comes to your own, but when it comes to the country of the brave and the land of the free taking responsibility for its own actions, all you can produce is stupid ass drunk speak. Why is that? How do you sound?

The games people play, are they like the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade? How did you screw that one up? What exactly was the problem? What exactly was your problem?

What is the world view of you? The more you get, the more you want - GREED.

In this case, it is not so much what you did, as it is how you did it? A man that does not learn from his own mistakes? What exactly did you do wrong? Was it an honest mistake or was it intentional and you just do not give a damn? A country that is not responsible? You know history follows you and your reputation precedes you. What does your women think? What does your children think? What does your future look like?

There ain't nothing wrong with playing the game of Slave and Master, but there is something seriously wrong with a violently abusive SOB. You know!

You are one very sick ass. Are we putting the wrong people in the mental hospitals? Are we putting the wrong people in jail? Turn the whole damn picture around?

Now, look? Politician, which is it better to be, a common prisoner or a politician? Politicians run and we put them in office, a prisoner has no choice. Hung by the neck until dead, who came up with that? Electrocution, who came up with that? Lethal injection who came up with that? Slavery, who came up with that? Guns, who came up with that? What kind of tactics are they?

Ignorance cannot be your excuse. Nobody is responsible is showing just how sick you are? Should I go to hell with you? Do you think you will be forgiven and eveything is going to be alright?

The choices we make, sooner than later, they come to light. Where is the light? Never doubt the excellence and permanence of what is yet to be. You know!

Why are you ashamed? There will always be Masters and Slaves, Parents and Children, Boss and Employees, big, bigger and little, but that does not change how you treat your people.

Myopic vision as to see only faults, when I have placed before you opportunities for growth and learning through patience, forgiveness, faith, and love. Not just your own ass, turn the whole damn picture around.

Is marriage healthy for you? Was it healthy for you? Did it stop you from doing all that crazy ass shit you did?

A man has a conscience, whether he likes it or not, just depends on what he does.

(((your inner

Calm cool and collective, in front of the firing squad?

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