Mature Adults

Have you ever done that, a left shoe on the right foot

Put the shoe on the other foot. Why is fifty years of age so important?

You know we always excuse ourselves by saying, we’re doing it for our children. We’re watching our language, behavior, dress,,,, but is it making a positive difference? Is it bringing us closer or is further dividing us?

So what is it we’re doing as mature adults: lying, cheating, stealing and destroying? As immature adults we cannot figure shit out and we hold everyone else responsible for what we did and failed to do.

Mature adults are responsible and on one accord about dissolving, resolving and solving problems. Mature adults are going to do what’s best for all concerned, no based upon your status. So why do we keep putting so much emphasis on status? Insecure, who gives a shit what degree, gender, race….you are?

All that matters is that you are a good human being, doing what you’re supposed to be when and where. What do women do for men and what do men do for women? Which hole to you put it in and which stick do you use? We have some decisions to make.

Is there something wrong with putting the stick in the wrong hole and is it wrong? Who decides on age, when it’s maturity that counts? So twelve year olds are more stable than fifty year old. You are not mature until after fifty years of age? By fifty, you have earned your place in life and mature enough to deal with it. By three you know everything you need to know, in order to survive, so do you really need to know the others?

Do you have the ability to sell information, well how do they sell it to you?

Why is your problem my problem, but my problem is only my problem?

(((your inner

Burning your bridges

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