Medical Industry National Tragedy and Detriment to Society


It's hard to say these kind of things about an entire industry, who on one side saves your life, but on the other they're killing you in order to do that.

Like with our police, I don't think there's anyone who has more respect for our medical industry than me. And it is especially hard to point out faults in such a well established, well intended and needed profession. On the other hand, it is even more disastrous not to.

The great betrayal, it's also like finding out your spouse has been cheating on you.

Why is that? Consumers have come totally dependent and solely trust the medical industry. In doing so, we are totally oblivious to the dark side, any other medical advice and therefore; fail to get the more effective, safe and economical medical treatment.

Even though we know the medical industry is nowhere near where they need to be, like animals being led to slaughter, consumers feel helpless, due to all the medical hype, all the miraculous cures but we overlook their side-effects.

Just like with our current economic and social decline, consumers do not hold the medical industry responsible in any kind of way, but if you just look at drugs, high prices and insurance alone, that will tell you the medical industry is working against the good of our society. The richest one percent Pay, pay and more pay but where are the jobs?

The Medical Industry causes a national tragedy and a huge detriment to society!

What happened to our society and its ability to be self-sustaining? Professional ignorance of inexpensive treatments and failure to provide these treatments.

Unfortunately, implementation of “highly effective protocol” is not a big money-maker. Other more technological advanced methods and surgeries are far more financially lucrative. Professional ignorance of nominal treatment guidelines and failure to provide treatments which effectively addresses the root causes of diseases and other medical problems are often avoided and overlooked for more financial lucrative methods. This is a national tragedy, a huge detriment to our society and inexcusable.

With the development of the web consumers are better educated, informed and empowered, enabling them to demand much more effective, safe and economical medical treatment from the medical industry.

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