Mental Retardation

? How do you know mental retard

Do you know what’s required to survive? How do you know when you are mentally retarded? Knowing what not to do is more important than knowing what to do. What happens when you fail to mature and grow?

Is proper rest important? What happens when your sleep is disturb for something stupid? What do grown ass children do, what should they do? What is respect? Is it a universal law?

Mental retardation is one who does not demonstrate the mental or emotion faculties/skills it takes to survive. These survival faculties and skills are not location, gender specific, they are universal and are covered by universal law.Why are you asking and doing things like that? Why do you take and do not put back? What part does stupidity play in retardation? Why do you bother or take shit that does not belong to you? How are you helping yourself?

When you know better you do better and you see evidence of. When you violate a universal law you are mentally and emotionally retarded. You fail to learn and grow.

Learning and teaching is a lifelong process. We have to bring the world together for us to live as "ONE".

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marriage and domestic violence is there any correlation?

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