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Essentials for a culture and a diet. People who observe this level of strictness

I'm for anything that helps to bring about peace, harmony and good health. However, when especially Americans do things, somehow we seem to overdo them and in this case being a vegetarian.

Is it a fad, why are we so arrogant about it? Why do you feel compelled to announce it are all matters of concern to me. Who's strong and who's not?

My first thoughts are: What wrong with the way Native Americans did things?

The next is: Why all of a sudden be so strict in your diet?

Above knowing about strict vegetarian societies and cultures, which I do acknowledge exist, but I am not sure if they do any better than any other frugal society. In other words, does not eating meat make you any better health than those who eat meat?

I think the best way to answer that question is to look into societies that do not have access to vegetation. Are they any more violent, possessive or unhealthy?

No, they are just as peaceful and spiritual, if not even more so, even though they do not wear masks to avoid inadvertently inhaling insects or sweep the ground in front of them to avoid walking on little creatures.

The Arctic Sea, there are long periods, months, they go without vegetation due to it all being covered in ice and snow. During these extended periods, meat/fish is the main stay of the diet for these folks. And you never hear about them being involved in war nor civil disturbances.

My thing is finding enough food to support your family, to survive. And that comes from "not being so strict", but having a very flexible and nutritious diet, whether it be monkey meat, cat or vegetables. Every culture has its own except Americans, with our fast foods. Then we have nerve to criticize those who eat different from ourselves, when we've actually gone from good to worse.

No matter your location, identify those foods around you, that will sustain you during tough times and learn to prepare and store them and stop being so picky. Find enough food and medicine to support you and your family without having to depend on a grocery store. Now that is an accomplishment that will aid us in prosperity above Vegan or Vegetarian.

All food comes from the earth, the same earth that consumes and produces life, including everything we make. Animals die making food for plants and the viscious cycle continues. You are not avoiding any animal or dairy products by having such a strict diet. Might be just a different form. My mom always said, watch those who talk about "what they don't eat".

Vegetable or animal, nothing wants to lose its life, but everything knows, in order for life to continue, something has to die. In order for me to eat, I must kill something. Just the way of nature.

(((your inner

Vegetarian Rant

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