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I'm vegetarian, I don't eat meat. Vegetarians is all of that necesary?

Is there somebody somewhere making vegetarians eat meat? Every time I ask for a piece meat, I hear somebody say, "I'm vegetarian, I don't eat meat".

It's the way they say it, like meat eaters are going to hell for eating meat. That is what's irritating about the whole vegetarian thing.

If you don't want no meat why don't you just do the same as when you don't no carrots? No Thank you and finished.

Who cares whether you're vegan, vegetarian or not? Is it something special, does it make you any more special, smarter, honest. My thing is, Too much of anything is no good for you and Americans are probably the last people on earth to know what's good to eat or not eat.

It's our arrogant ass attitude towards everything we do. We go completely over-board with the shit. Every since the beginning of time, there have been people who eat mostly vegetables, they even eat more healthy than we do today and no problem. But now America is doing it and it's the most expensive thing we can do. Why?

IF you ask why, the average says, "Not sure how I could handle someone killing wild animals for food. I think the reason I prefer being a vegetarian or vegan is because I don't like the idea of animals being killed".

Do you think plants want to die? In order for me to live/eat, something has to die. Life nourishes life.

(((your inner

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