Suggestive Thinking

The power of suggestive thinking and Subliminal Messages

Sleep or awake, one way or another, we are always suggesting something postive or negative. The question is, What? If you arn't very care negative will slip upon you and take over your life.

What kind of vibes are you sending? How often? Do you have ideas that work or are you always looking for someone to furnish you something? Are your eyes bigger than your stomach? What kind of example are you setting? There are some who are neither leading nor following, yet they eat from the fruits of your labor. And you wonder why they can’t get along. They say, “the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree”, then why is your fruit so scattered. What caused that?

Have you no sense of working together, no sense of family? Now, they are out there, what going to happen. It will be passed on to the next generation, until your family have sense enough to work together. What’s a rogue, even a rogue nation comes to mind? A family where there is very little sense of belonging. That’s why they are scattered to the four winds.

We gather here today to share information and knowledge. Intelligence is not merely cold hard data about numerical strength or armament or disposition of forces. The most important element of intelligence has to be Who is God?

Suggestive thinking and Subliminal Messages.

It is amazing at what your imagination can do for you. It all works off our six senses, our ability to see, smell, hear, feel, taste and sense, "most of which we pay no attention". They send signals to our brains causing us to think and act.

They work best as our early warning systems and are constantly on guard. In every situation these senses are reporting to our minds and our minds are telling us what to do, how to respond. All of which is happening in less than a blink of the eye. That is how fast these processes are taking place, but yet we are moving along at normal speed. When you really think about it, it's amazing. All day everyday these senses are working for you.

Most people say your brain determines how smart or dumb you are and that is the way most of our programs are based, especially education. They try to measure our intellectual abilities and place us accordingly. We start to refer to each other as, dumb or smart, inferior and superior. Today, intellectuals, smart and superior, fill all our important jobs and positions. They have spent decades stacking the deck in their favor. What’s that about, the mind playing tricks on you?

I say, "our senses determine how smart or dumb we are". If you follow your senses, your brain doesn't have to work near as hard. That just might help resolve some Alzheimer’s related issues. How many intellectually smart people fall on their faces daily—a fool and his money? Compare their number to the masses, who are reduced to depending on our senses to feign for ourselves. *****Brains and brawn, there should be a third category called "senses". Look at what kind of end we have come depending on intellectuals? They do not work and that is the message they send. That’s why most of us do not want to get our hands dirty, intellectuals do not get dirty in their work. They get paid for thinking and walking around in a suit and tie,,,,go figure, yet most intellectuals do not have “sense” enough to come in out the rain; but 24/7 they are suggesting to you what actions to take, hence Suggestive Thinking from intellectual idiots. The mind playing tricks on you! Horse's Asses

Suggestive thinking is spiritual, mystical and magical. For example: Sometimes you see one thing, when in reality it's another? You can be so sure of what you saw, but after a closer look, it was a totally different thing. Just imagine being stalked by a vicious animal, what might your reactions be? What about “thinking” you saw a vicious animal? What about someone telling you they saw a vicious animal nearby? Anything to cause alarm and evoke a reaction in you is suggestive thinking. Most of us would check to see if it is real.

Well intellectuals know that and they use “the power of suggestive thinking” against us. The availability of mass media has significantly enhanced their abilities to be effective. Some other good terms or tools to describe suggestive thinking are "hypnosis and psychological warfare".

Amidst all the chaos and confusion (mass media) created by intellectuals, makes using “hypnosis and psychological warfare” hard to detect. We know we're being tricked, but do nothing about it--hynosis.

Based on today’s advertisement how many times have you made a purchase and felt like a fool when it arrived? How many commercials do you see pushing bad stuff at you, attack ads and the most powerful lobbying the special interests could put forward.

Then, they tell you it’s to support the network? We get it "going and coming". How dumb and stupid do they think we are? Ads are designed to get you up off you tired butt, go somewhere and order something. They are showing you a stupid picture and it effects you emotionally, then you see the ad, sale closed. You have got to have it. Then you go try to do the same thing, sale closed. Afterwards, you have no other recourse? Who can you trust?

Now, how many times do unknown persons bomb buildings and there is always someone to blame and apprehend? Right now I am thinking of 911. Suggestive thinking is the power of intellectuals and it has nothing to do with logic, but subliminal messages. Weapons of mass destructions in Iraq, all based upon false reports. See we thought we saw one thing when there was another. We lied and destroyed hundreds of thousands of people and property all because of what we think we knew. Somebody is going to have to pay dearly.

I’ll use that same example to prove how deprived the masses really are. As long as the masses stay hungry/feeling deprived, we will be easy prey for intellectuals. So intellectuals are busy creating anything to keep us exactly where they want. The problem is most of it is killing us. The intellectuals do not care because they are going to get paid any way.

How refined our senses are depends on the individual and now, here comes the problems - Evil. Some take advantage of the weaknesses in others to prey upon them -- the seven deadly sins.

A picture is worth a thousand words...suggestive thinking.

Intellectual idiots need to move over for people with logic and common "sense". Here is how? November is the best chance to overturn the historic progress we've made together.

your inner

For that reason, I suggest viewing this short video!

Read this book!

"mind power"

"power of the mind ", let it work for you!

Don't spill your milk. Time to go to bed. Let's go on vacation! Let's have dinner together? suggestive thinking.

All it takes is thinking and suggesting your thoughts, especially to someone who would like to help your dreams come true. Think about it! Just think about it? your inner

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