Minority Women

Leaders, teachers and preachers, many minority women hold these positions of responsibilities. I am just not sure what role they play during a disaster.

There was one black Chaplain, Gloria and she was affiliated with the Samaritan's purse organization. She was wearing a t-shirt and offering help with what she had. Above that, I did not see one black woman offering anything during this disaster. And plenty of them was helped.

I did ashamedly see two, who had the nerve to come nicely jogging through the disaster area like all is well.

What respect and willingness to help the less fortunate. It was like they did not have a heart nor did they care about what was really going on.

I have already told the story about the two black women, one with power and the other without. Do you think they helped each other? just click here

You can not force any one to do anything but you should not have to even think about that with all the Christian heart minority women we have dressing on Sundays and attending church. Singing in choirs, youth ministries, inspiration dancing, eating disorders...

I love you but, things must change if we are going to better ourselves.

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