The Damn Mirror

He talked about the man in the mirror, but what about the fucking mirror?

To thy own self be true. It's amazing at the people who have nothing and the nothing they get stuck on -stressed and depression? That will render you helpless and give you an express ticket out of here.

Do you believe the reflection in the mirror? That’s why I am growing my hair. I want to be able to recognize my damn self.

Are you seeing what you want to see or are you trying to change her? We have a tendency to describe ourselves to ourselves, but those adjectives don’t fit the reflection in your mind, according to you, if you're asking yourself.

If you are going to believe what's in your mind, then why look in the mirror?

Are you glancing or do you study you? Understand, you really must do a lot to understand what you're seeing. Do you realize how many people in the world have never looked into a glass mirror, yet have a better understanding of whose and who they are? Who's more aware, the educated or the uneducated?

So is the mirror honest or just a reflection of what you want to see? Is it the more u get the more u want? And you still do not have enough, so do you really know the person in the mirror?

Are you driven by material gain or concern changing the world for peace and harmony? Over compensation, does the size of your house, car, money, position, power, education, do anything to change the the image in the mirror? Do they define the value of the person in the mirror? Then why do you tell yourself? Why lie to the mirror?

What about the environment you were in at the time- state of mind? Is that why you are who you are or is it what you do today? Is that where you want to be and does it really define who you are? If shit is escalating out of control...stress, depression, sickness.

When your ass was broke you were a nasty mother fucker and now that you have all these things, you are even a nastier ... ?And you thought all that shit would help define you... Doesn't it

What are you doing with these things? Free her up, take away all those “isms”.

(((your inner

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