The Hired Help

Nigger Charlie, Nigger Please....Who's (((really))) the hired help? Does it make sense?

You know how they talk about ya'll, whose and who you are. At one time you were the hired help, but today you are a pain in the ass, and you want something for nothing.

Now, all that help your ancestors gave for free and all they had to do to be treated humanely, of all never can be equal.

NOw, think about this:::: WHO'S REALLY THE HIRED HELP? Describe them? Hireling, who are they?

Nigger Charlie and Nigger Please, what difference does that make? Being educated by them for them, what does that make you? When you grow your own, you want to share....

There's new twist on hired help, called outsourcing and what they're doing is using inmates to replace hired help. How they they always figure out ways to save, but you and I can't figure out shit?

What's the difference between chain gang labor, community service... and slavery? WTFU and understand what's happening? You wrote one thing but your eyes and mind read another.

(((your inner

Damn the Mirror

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