Modesty Really More Attractive Than Being Half-Nude

Myth of Modesty, race, religion, politics and nudity?

Only in more developed countries or places with their influence do we put so much emphasis on freaky fashions and that ain't saying nothing good. We allow ourselves to be defined by the clothes on our backs?

What does the clothes on your back or not, have to do with the content of your character? Because you see a man dressed like a homeless, a woman dressed like the common whore, a boy with his pants saggin, tatoos, piercings, robes, sheets or butt naked, does not make them any more or less than you. I know what you want to mean and what you want to say, but IT ALL HAS TO DO WITH YOUR MIND.

Is the woman in a short dress any more or less dangerous than a woman in a long dress? Does a suit and tie make you a good boy? Look what they did to African-Americans and how were they dressed?

Is it a start, yes, but in the wrong direction. We are adding fuel to the already out of control fire. Because I start to dress like you say, does not replace the importance of my own thinking. With which uniform do you identify and approve for someone else to wear? Who made you the authority? How does that make you different or are you still apart of the greater problem, pitting one against another?

We have gone to the schools and cast these horrible uniform requirements upon our childern in hopes for better behavior. What do you call that, guilt by association? If you dress like the rich kids, you will be rich too? If you dress like, what we would like to think are well behaved kids, you will be well behaved too? Because we look like, does that make us any different?

During my travels, I have seen indigenous people with less clothes on than you would have the nerve to take off in public and their spirits were just as humble and modest as can be, even more so than that of those fully dressed in beautiful clothing. They were men, women and children. They were not gaulking or trying to rape one another. They were not promoting pornography. They were not stressing over what or what not to wear. They didnot look up to nor down on a man because of his dress. What about Natives Americans and you had the nerve to call them salvages.

We need difference to better be able to accept difference! The only requirement is to be clean, inside and out, then even covered with mud, you will be clean!

Defining people by the clothes or other body decorations they do or do not wear is not where we want to go. Just creates more reason for criticism. We must get close enough to look beyond that. We must expose ourselves so our minds can be open, naked and clothed! Deconstructing the myth of Modesty?

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