Mohammed Abu Bekr Itoure


The Greatest Civil Administrator ever to live, that is accredited to Mohammed Abu Bekr Itoure.

If I knew anything I wouldn't be in the shape I'm in today. George Washington nor the United States could even think to do what Mohammed Abu Bekr Itoure did.

Africa World Press; (April 1992)

The Niger River States: Ghana, Mali and Songhai and their handling of the Trans-Saharan Gold Trade, which created a monarchies so democratic they served as role models for democratic monarchies of the world.

Over a thousand years of great democratic structures from Inner West Africa, starting with Ghana, much of which was started by youth. Songhai with its great Universities and great scholars and rulers, including Itoure. These are utterly magnificent examples in the ruling of states and anything else.

On the efforts of a land and people like these is what caused Africa to be a GREAT attractor for and an attraction to the rest of the world. What they had was in great demand and Mohammed Abu Bekr Itoure, was the Greatest of Them.

Why is it we have so little knowledge of him? It all was happening concurrent with the existence of slavery in the USA (1493-1528). We put so much on the greatness we have been, we never will understand the Greatness we have to be. We've made such poor use of our history and heroes - the dark ages.

What were some of the other great rulers during those times? The emperors of China and Europe.

Why is it "this African" was called the Greatest, barring none? Having examined all of them, why can't we today look at his life and rule and begin again the whole concept of state formation?

He revolutionized the whole concept of weights and measures, collected his own taxes, developed his own armies and marketplaces; he did it himself.

As a people we must pull on the total good, including yesterday's good, in order to create a truly Greater Good today and tomorrow.

We will have to learn the foot prints of our oppressor's originality is wearing thin, if indeed, he ever had any.

Will the conflict between you and you weaken you? Yes, if you both do nothing about it. If no one is discussing with you about it, then they are controlling you. - Planning and Communicating

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American Conflict in Color.

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