American Conflict In Color


After all we have been through in America, do you know how to reslove conflict with color? Should I ask you?

It's amazing how we can employ foreign experts to explain certain topics, but when it comes right down to those topics most dear and important to us, "we'll handle that"? Well, if we screwed it royally the first time, how will we do better the second?

We've tried hard and long to just ignore this one little minor technicality but the more we ignore, the worse it gets. How can we get a long, when we hate each other. I hate rap, I hate country? I see many White Immigrants in America, who say they don't see color. Well, I guess they don't being they ain't the color they do not want to see. That's like saying you don't see fat, sick, poverty, poor, you are only seeing what you want.

It would be better off to see color and peacefully address our differences, than not see it and be ignorant. You're sticking your head in the sand while everything goes to hell.

Slave ships came from Africa to drop off slaves in the Caribbean Islands, Barbadians, Trinidadians, Jamaicans and the British colony, America.

We were all African people, so why do especially African Americans need a visa to return to Africa? They know they came from Africa, but exactly from where Americans do not know?

To avoid the conflict in color, some Africans in America have designated themselves "Americans", which would not be so bad, if that solved conflict problems. The question is, when it gets right down to it, does the upper crust accept you any more than African-Americans? Does that alleviate the problems of being denied, based upon the darkness of your skin? So the race problem in America really has nothing to do with what you call yourself, as much as it does,,,,your skin color. Identity Crisis

The color conflict problems will not be solved until we can openly talk about them and until, you will never know, who's loyal to who? There are a couple more things the upper crust in America don't like to discuss with poor people and that's Money and Politics. Why not? Conflict of values within self?

Conflict in color means conflict in loyalty, internally and externally. Until we resolve, solve, resolve this little minor technicality, how can we live in peace and harmony together? What about Native Americans?

(((your inner

Marcus Garvey

Darked Skinned People

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