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What is the best way to help yourself? Help other people? But that is a lot easier said than done, isn't it? How do you get started?

Stupid people, not one willing to give to the other? Not one willing to go the extra mile to help the other? So, how can we make it?

We have enough to provide emergency relief for any foreign neighbor, but not enough to provide for the homeless at our doorsteps. Beliefs? Do they irk you, do they irritate you? Then, why don't those foreigners irk you? Is it because you don't know? Dumber and dumber!

Do you know the number of people who are breaking their backs, everyday to earn money? Everyday, literally billions of people go out to work and come home broker than they were before they left.

So you don't take this as a personal insult, Take our country for example - Flat Broke. Why is that? We are all out for self, even with charities.

It's our belief system, our system of beliefs. Even if you gave a fool too much money, it wouldn't be long before he would be back asking for more.

We go to school 12 years only to come out dumber than we were before ever going in.

Is it better to have a million dollars or to be able to convert a million people to power? You can make yourself think things are happening but you cannot do anything alone.

We are only bound by beliefs. Your belief system is creating your current experience with money. Change your belief and you will change your bank account! Sign my petition

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Are you putting your happiness on hold until you have more or learn better?

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