Money, Money, Money and

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murky and surreptitious world. Politically Sophisticated Americans, So who are you?

So what are you going to do? What can you do about what you cannot do? Be a Personhood of Corporations, huh?

Money, Money, Money and Politically Sophisticated Americans.

Presidential elections are a very, very costly affair. In fact, the 2008 presidential election costs more than the total wages paid for the entire 43 thousand workers in the cheese manufacturing industry ($4.02 billion).

In fact, you could add another 12,285 workers employed by the beet sugar manufacturers ($530 million), and it would still be less than what was spent in 2008 election cycle.

It’s about to get worse. The 1971 Federal Election Campaign Act and 1971 Revenue Act (including four subsequent amendments in 1974, 1976, 1979 and 1984), which served as the primary regulatory instrument to police the often murky and surreptitious world of political campaign contributions for the last four decades, have finally met its match.

In a landmark decision on January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United and with that, recognizes the personhood of corporations. The decision meant the Supreme Court considers corporations as having the same political rights of an individual and ‘their’ rights to free speech are protected by the first Amendment

Don’t spend all the money, where does that fit in?

So what does Politically Sophisticated Americans do for regular Americans? Cut taxes and regulation. And get government out of the way so the private sector can create jobs and renew the American economy. Together, we can get America working again! Show your support.

How many Presidents and years have we been promised that? Will that really help regular Americans, as we get deeper and deeper in the hole?

Why do we drag problems out so and further complicate matters? How high can we go? From where does our food even come? Unless we change, we're dragging out the inevitable. The basics

So exactly what support must you show? And if you don't have that? Does any of that make the least bit of sense to you? Exactly what language are they speaking? They say communications is a two-way street. Then, what is effective communications?

Atop the food chain, it's winner take all, while the rest of us beat and vulnerable give up. You might what to get something going for yourself, a just in case, for your family and society. The ability to survive change?

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