Getting Back To The Basics

Art Thomas life coach

With all we do to simplify matters, why are they so complicated?

Are we that counter-productive? Why is there so little understanding of the basic?

With the progress we claim we make, all the productive tools we produce, why are we so counterproductive? I mean we have access to some of the most awesome tools, but the reality of it all is, they do us no good because you can’t get them. And because of that, they actually do us more harm than good.

Look the cell phone. You just can't imagine how some of us can be so stupid? Again, the TV, there you can be entertained by our own stupidity. It more than enough to humorous, it is ashamed how we treat ourselves and the world. Do you not see us moving backwards? It’s pathetic!

What do we actually do with what we learn? The more we give the less we get, economic and social decline, how is that?

We all make mistakes, has there ever been a time when we repeatedly made the same mistake? When will we learn? So for whom are we working if not for the people?

Are we really giving or are we just getting?

Until we get back to the basics, it is what it ain’t.

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