Costs of living are rising faster than my income, plus, I need to do much much more than make a living...

Many work two or three poor jobs to live an unrealistic lifestyle. When in reality, the costs of going to these jobs exceed the pay checks and the healthy work/life balance suffers, making another contribution to the rat race.

Several odd and end jobs versus one you are passionate about.

It really is a crazy and unfair world out there and many employers could careless about the well being of their employees. Why promote this kind of behavior?

Live within your means. Temptation is risky business. When upside down financially, it is even harder to flip to the right side. It is very important to realize that and take appropriate action to correct the situation.

No matter my wants or debt, Life and living is most important. I don't know about you but, I don't need to be extremely wealthy, but I do want to be able to pay my debts and enjoy as many good things in life, as possible.

Never continue in a job you hate, learn from it and move on. If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself and do a better job. You'll have inner peace. And if you have that, along with your physical health, you and all concerned have more than most and more than you could possibly imagined.

Being realistic about that process and able to find your niche market for your products or services, you are well on your way to turning your passion into a full-time lucrative career.

Do a good job and the money will come to you. Start your own. People need and desire quality products and services. They will ask for you and be willing to pay your price.

Do something I am passionate about and maintain a healthy work/life balance. Peace and prosperity is the goal.

Good opportunities don't come often and greater are even harder to come by, so keep fit.

The internet offer many credible income opportunities. May be you'll find one here:

A good credible Home-based business opportunity.

Results of a second Job

  • Very little time for relaxation and family.
  • Stress of the rat race...For the dollar and not the job.
  • The type of second jobs we often get.

Advice for people desiring a second job:

  • Take advantage of new technologies.
  • Assess the amount of time involved in the second job or what you will have to give up, such as time.
  • Try another profession.
  • Have a goal and pursue your passion.

  • Define financial and personal goals for your moonlighting money such as a down payment on a house.

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