Working and Playing Together

With that combination, how do your ever run out of things to do?

Have you ever had a friend, you visit each other and then you do not know what to do? Why is that?

Let me set the stage: First, you both have nothing but "dreams and high hopes". You meet and you think you have found a partner with whom to explore and conquer all these challenges.

I make it a habit of telling all my friends I like to stay busy doing good things and really I do. I like to feel every moment I am working towards my goal. I suggest to them to incorporated their goals and we can work together. I talk about "planning and doing". That is pretty much all I ever talk about, yet they try me. We agree to do one thing and when that thing is finished, we end up hanging around. Why?

I got mine, now what about yours? They want to talk about what they want to talk about and you want to do the same. Keep in mind, that has nothing to do with "planning and doing". None of it has anything to do with putting food on the table, keeping the lights on, has nothing to do with all the things needed to better survive in life.

It does not matter who is visiting who. You sit and listen to them and when they are finished, there is just silence. They question why are you so silent? You ask, what is it you would like to do? Their reply is, "Nothing". Well then, that is exactly what you are going to get.

I've even been asked, why do you always want to be doing something all the time? I am often rediculed for wanting to work too much? Next thing you know, the tv is going, you are laying there on the couch and what's happening? You are growing more distance by the minute, what do you do?

I have sense enough to know I can not work all the time, but if you both have a common goal and enjoy what you are doing, how is that work? Now, the grumbling starts. Well, they look to me and I look to them. There are all kind of blank stares which wield nothing but anixiety. Then, there is the blaming game? Then, the arguing stage and bad good byes? Then, you both wonder, What the hell happen?

I tell folk all the time, the key to a good relationship, is your ability to work and play together. Just look at how many times I have written that. It is even in the right column of most of my pages...prosperity... If you can not get that, what good is your relationship? You can do bad all by yourself.

How can you have a bad relationship when everyone has made it known what they want and everyone is working together with all their power to get it?

My use of the term "Farmer"?

(((your inner

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