Muscle Building Miracle Discovered

The Brains over Brawn and the Brawn over Brains Contests

Which is more beneficial? Which increases the chances of winning?

This is a competition between the biggest muscles, where are the muscles located and how they can best be applied to accomplish various tasks.

It can be your muscles or the muscles of your friends, the more muscles the merrier! I'm crazy RIPPED!

Brawn over Brains, A pig head,,,lol. What are you going to do when you swell-up like one? or Is it the other way around? Or is it brawn over stupidity? Okay, jokes aside. I like muscles just as,,,i will leave that for itself.

Enter the Brawn over Brains! to see if you have what it takes to prove this point.

Brains over Brawn Where are all the nerds when you need them? This is your opportunity to prove you are a winner. Do you think brains make winning a battle easier? Some can have too many brains. Is that where stupidity comes in?

Enter the Brains over Brawn Contest! to see if you have what it takes to prove your point.

You see the ads every where, luring unsuspected victims for a big let-down, when all they want is your money. Hot photos and dreams bodies, both men and women.

In many cases you have got to take "new product" if you want to realize those dream results. You are literally being used as a ginea pig. And most of the time you will never get there.

My thing is DIY! Do it yourself and together, we can do much more...

Don't know what to do, have a look. This will serve you and all concerned much better. I have always been told, if you want to attract the girls, have plenty of dust in your pockets. Don't believe me, ask "Tiger".

your inner

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