My sore

We say it's different but it is all the same, My Sore is hard to heal.

Did you know if you learn something out of sequence, it will be harder to help you. Sequence has to do with divine order and respect. Not only for what you know, but mostly for what you don't know. There's enough "we" don't know to create a whole nother world and most dangerous, we are opposed to learning.

You hear most often from people who know nothing, but when you hear from people who know something, it's ALWAYS a pleasure - expressed mutual respect.

People talk about clubing and other foolish nonsense, that brings you nothing but a headache and disgrace. But what about something that is life changing in a positive way. All you have to do is try it ONE TIME.

Silk is well known for its quality and everlasting lustre. A gift to mankind.

If your sore is hard to heal, create a place of palaces, gardens, shady avenues and sacred temples. Does that mean noisy? That is still an open wound.

My sore is still an old world of charm which have not given way to modern amenities.

So what could something so simple as collective breathing do for you and your family? What could it do for our country? What do we do to help maintain YOUTH?

Mysore is also a style of yoga practice and a particular way of teaching yoga. What is going on here? Everyone is doing something different, yet on the same path and following a precise choreography.

Also, compared to other yoga classes, the silence is striking. The dominant sound is the collective breath, One by one. A gift to all mankind.

Try it to heal YOUR SORE. Even if you don't do it, know it.


Nostalgia in life

If you do not get it from MYSORE, get it from Ant wisdom

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