Nostalgia in life

I didn't ask you what you think, I asked what are you doing? How did we get all these mixed folk in life?

What are mixed races? How did we get them? Were there any violations?

    Nostalgia learned formation

  • It's a Life Full of Opportunities

  • Did you know:

  • Life is no JOKE!

  • You can laugh with life, but you dare not laugh at life!

  • learned formation is stored in memory is just waiting the right opportunity, what in your memory bank!

  • Exposure, the mind in a picture book!

  • Every living thing is just trying to survive.

  • Where is the middle ground? Then why are you constantly trying to get there?

  • Everything can be killed except nostalgia!

    Lesson learned: Nostalgia puts YOU back on top.

    (((your inner

    Polgyny, not Bigamy or Bigotry! Who creates the words we use? What language do you speak? Who's trying to understand and are you helping?

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