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There has got to be a better way? A more viable option and solution?

And I think this is one . We are catching enough hell as it is. All we need is another bump in the road? So I too join Blogger's Unite in asking YAHOO not to shut-down MyBlogLog.

Isn't it reasonable that they would sell MyBlogLog so that you can maintain your communities? Isn't it reasonable to expect that they would at a minimum protect your work by providing you the ability to move it over to a site like BlogCatalog or some other network?

BlogCatalog is willing to do whatever technical work is necessary to port their userbase and go through all the spam and clean out the mess they have left. They have pilfered bloggers data only to leave bloggers hanging out in the cold.

Is that moral corporate behaviour? Is that how to support the people who grew your business and supported you? Yes, corporate strategy is a reason and maximizing shareholder profit is another, yet haven't we as a people become enlightened enough to understand that sometimes there are higher moral obligations. It isn't all about greed or are we stuck in the 1980s era of "Gordon Gheko?"

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