Fitting In

What exactly does that mean? Do you have time?

Is fitting in fitting into lala land? So if you fit into today’s society, just what does that mean? Accepting the differences in each other is it hard to be different? Is the quest for money and power sending our society down the drain?

Why do people chance their lives coming to America, is it for our better quality of life or is it money and power? Then, what is the difference between us and the local drug man? Are we a ruthless and impetuous people?

When you talk to the average American citizen, asking what is it that they can afford to share with any foreigner, the answer you will get will be “nothing”. That is because, just like the foreigner and the place from where they left, the average American citizen is struggling to survive and hardly makes enough money to live a good quality life. So why are all these people escaping to America? How can they prosper?

Today more than ever before, every little thing in America is about “the dollar”, the same dollar that seems to escape the average American? Can we afford that? Why are we losing our housing? Why cannot we get along or a loan? The deeper in debt we get, is it the more money we need? Is that how you get out of debt? Do we keep asking for more and more donations? Well, if money does not come from donations, how can it be donated?

We have asked ourselves for a long time what can we do for our country, but it is high time we take a look at what our country can and is doing for us, other than sad stories? You are telling me about birth control, yet more foreigners? You are telling me about welfare moms and having more babies to collect more welfare, yet more foreigners? Talk about wanting something for nothing? Property taxes, for what is all that money being used?

It starts early on, about school age. For the first time you see others with what you wish you had. You see how others are attracted to certain people and how much more fun they seem to be having more than you.

All that action strikes a chord with you and you have got to have it, all the latest and greatest, all the big boy and girl toys. Another factor that urges you on is peer pressure. So instead of focusing on the reasons why you came here in the first place, you are now focusing on things that should not matter - toys. Should you or should you not? Now, “we” our government is telling us to “Go back to school”.

I have always wanted to fit in, to be accepted by those who seemed to be already accepted by others. I admired all the attention they seem to be getting, but in most cases, it was too costly me. Then, when I finally got whatever it was, it was not long before I did not know what to with it. If not that, it was another new trend. What about my education, if we did not get it in twelve years, do you think fourteen or more will matter? I have nothing against any foreigners, Open borders! But do they actually know the truth or just the lies from main stream media?

Does America actually profit from the influx of so many foreigners? Is it really prosperous? How can my country prosper without a people prospering? Why can my country get rich off the backs of foreigners and it be illegal for me to do so? How can my country give a foreigner a job and do not have a job to give me? How can my country give a foreigner, yet have nothing to give me? Test yourself?

So what is it exactly that you are trying to fit into? You never know from where others get their money or what they do to maintain their relationships, so it is best to think with your own head and pocket. We fail to see all the stress and drama involved in being rich and powerful. So if fitting in is quite costly, how costly in not fitting in?

What is it about being different that makes us hard to accept our differences? Not fitting in is not costly at all, but very challenging, especially since our society encourages you to fit in by glorifying the rich and powerful. We have made it so the rich and powerful sets the stage for it all, without regard all citizens. That is our standard above all standards and has cut seeking a good quality life out! We equate a better quality of life with being rich and powerful and that has made us a ruthless and impetuous people.

Therefore, it has become increasingly harder to accept differences in each other, unless you are rich or powerful? Can most of us be rich and powerful? Yes we could if our society was based on one’s ability to serve rather than power and money.

The feelings of being left out or rejected are also hard to swallow. Often you feel like an outsider or that you are going against the tide. Is the tide a better quality of life or more money and power? Now, those are the feelings of fitting in to lala land.

It is better and you would be better served to Stand Out by thinking and being yourself, than it is for you to struggle your life away fitting in to something you really do not. You will also avoid a whole bunch of pointless drama. The point being do not allow money, power or the lack of it all to change you!

By standing out, you will learn to accept the natural differences in yourself, thereby learning to accept the natural differences in each other, making it easier to be different?

A popularity trap you would be better served by avoiding.

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