My Inner Circle

It is empty. Is that a surprise to me and why?

I am sure you have heard about the circles surrounding us. Your circle of family and friends and these circles depict how close these people are to you. And most of the time when you do this exercise it works out that "there is nobody in the circle closest to you. Why, because of one reason or another you chose to kick everyone out and to let nobody in.

Then you wonder why there is nobody close to you? You are lonely, you do things to keep yourself buys,,,,but there is still not real meaning to what you do. You go all these places and meet all these wonderful people and you listen to what they have to say, but when it boils down, you come home to nothing. Well, that is because you do not allow anyone to get close to you. You are in everybody's else's business because you have none of your own. You are important by association.

Some people just don't think. In the beginning you let people in but they hurt you,,,I wonder why? Now, you have built up so many walls nobody can get through and you make yourself believe you are happy that way. In reality you are not, because we are not created to live upon this earth alone. Why would we have such a strong attraction for each other if it we were meant to be here alone? Nobody wants to be alone and nobody wants someone to walk into their lives and reak havoc.

I don’t just suggest anyone to get married under today’s marriage system, but we can not give up. We must be strong enough to let people in and better manage what they can and can not do to us. Allowing people into your closest circle makes you vulnerable, but experiences makes you stronger. So you learn and are better prepared for those special people you are going to meet down the road.

So for those of you who have surrounded yourselves with all these walls, take them down because you are teaching future generations to do the same. Be more careful who you let into your inner circle and manage them well. If there is a circle,,,it is meant for someone to be on it. Like the planets, if there were no planets on their orbits, how could we have a universe?

My Inner Circle, God bless the child who has his own.

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SBI and their inner circles!

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