Natural Curiosity

Natural versus Un-Natural? A constant thirst, What next? Now, what next and it better be good?

Some people, especially the "Ruling Class" is in the line holding up business. They've got a long explanation for a very short life.

Me, I just wanna be GOOD. Don't want to be no world leader or so, especially the ass holes I know. The ones I know, no that is not an insult to them. They also want to be good, so what's the difference?

Though we have this Natural Curiosity, mine is not for personal gain.

Mine is not to tell you yes, when I really mean NO. Mine is not to have someone breathing down your neck as you go about your business. Mine is not to encourage you to get in line, but to create another line, more attractive line. Who said there can only be one line? Who's holding up your line - curiosity?

I do not want to know who, just that it is - Natural Curiosity.

My Natural Curiosity is to love you, but my un-natural curiosity says YOU HATE ME!

Why in hell would South Africa be concerned, the least bit interested in

(((your inner

Rugby World Cup" and "Royal Wedding"

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