Rugby World Cup" and "Royal Wedding"

Give a man a computer and what will he do?

Sources say, "Rugby World Cup" and "Royal Wedding" top the list of fastest rising Google searches in South Africa for 2011

Is that like Basketball and Drama TV in America?

Through the collective eyes of the world – and South Africa – on the web, I ask what are we teaching? What led South Africans to even be concerned about these worth-less subjects?

The most popular questions South Africans asked included “What is Facebook?” and “What is love? If you don’t know the answers to these questions why would you want to know Rugby" and "Wedding"?

To me, this report is like looking in the mirror. What are they telling them about us? It's almost insulting and goes to show how little the world knows and where they go to learn?

    Amongst other information sources also noted this about South Africans and searches in 2011:

    Top search queries:

  1. what is facebook

  2. what is love

  3. what is life

  4. what is hiv

  5. what is research

  6. what is technology

  7. what is energy

  8. what is aids

  9. what is cancer

  10. what is ubuntu - Daily News

    Education, so what are they teaching in schools?

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the land of Uz

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