Natural Disaster Plan

Are you prepared

Make sure you have an alternate escape route and a back-up planned.

It is a Sunday morining, just before first light and a tornado touches down. Just like the Mother's Day tornados, Macon, Georgia. You are awaken by the sounds of high winds, heavy rain and trees crashing down. You get up, walk to one of your doors, only to learn one of those trees has crashed through your roof. Big pine and oak trees are down everywhere. You try the other doors and they are blocked by downed trees. You are trapped within your house and community. Drive, your vehicles are also trapped under trees. All the power is out. It is pitch black.

You try to salvage what you can, while at the same time, you are thanking whoever it is you thank, that you are still alive and for sparing the lives of your significant others.

Now, you want to find your way out of your own house.

In doing so, you see the roads are blocked, filled with with trees and debris. A whole knew look to your neighborhood.

The neighbor that does not speak, just not friendly nor neighborly. They are snobbish as hell. The one who got too close to your son or daughter, sister or brother. Do not go there? Cars, junk, drugs, dogs, loud music, the one that caused you to build that fence.

Well, it was their tree that fell across the street and into your home.

Natural disaster, that's a natural disaster.

You never know who is going to rescue you?

Eats, Shoots and Leaves?

This is when God can best deal with self-righteous nature and love for money. Only after spiritual conversion you can testify of God's working.

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