Help to Save My Businesses

After several more fiery trials, financial ruin, natural disaster, I was in deep distress.

I asked and boy, the response was positive as I worked alone side successful the men and women of Samaritan's Purse--General Contractors, Executives...I don't mean to over look anyone but in particular, there were some heavy hitters on board.

My query lead me to one man, I will refer to as HB.

I approached HB as I did not want to distract from the disaster relief efforts. But I was feeling and experiencing financial disaster and just wanted to ask to see if there was any one who could help me.

HB made me feel like the only concern he had was his God fearing efforts to save souls. He did not see my financial soul as worth saving. He asked, when was the last time I had asked to be saved before a God fearing authority.

I knew then, we were having some communications problems. I am struggling to get food and at the same time, volunteering to help others and HB is questioning my faith.

I wanted to tell HB, I had more faith in my big toe than he had all of his life and above his six near death experiences mine were everyday and many of which are dealt by people like him.

Now, he did share with me the prayer of Prayer of Jabez and gave permission for me to quote him on that.

I pray for HB and I ask forgiveness for approaching him, for I did not know he perceived his life challenges greater than mine. I did not mean for my humble but needy request to be taken as a greedy gesture. That not only homes of minorities were destroyed but also their businesses.

I held my peace, told him I confess daily. I made him feel I was not a threat, that he was the boss and we went to work and had a great four or five hour experience.

At the end of it all, I made sure I told HB, "I survived".

Just may be my businesses are not worth nor meant to be saved. Who needs a business when you have God?

Thank you HB for showing me the light. aRt

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