Needing me

Guns, Money and Freedom do you believe that?

My wife was able to teach my children they do not need their dad. It would be far better their grand parents raise them, than for any good thought of me being in their lives? Is that happening to us today?

Needing me

You don’t need me. Failing to need me leads to turning on your own flesh and blood.

I don’t (((need))) you! Do you know how much time and effort we spend showing one another how much we do not need each other? Women do it best. I don’t need nothing but God, them kind of people make me sick as hell, with their dumb, hypocritical asses.

Can you drive by putting on the brakes? We are some sick a people and we respond to nothing but “mo bullshit”. Yet, we call ourselves Christian.

How in the hell do you need God and don’t need me, who you see everyday? How can you quote all them stupid ass bible verses, yet treat me like shit? Am I supposed to be ignorant and you smart? Does the bible set you free, why hasn’t it set your ancestors free? What good is studying anything that makes you worse-the holy from the unholy? Were the people who shared the bible with you holy and upright? How could they treat their animals better than you? How can a man feed a thousand cows, while watching 10,000 human beings starve to death? How can another human being sell you stolen goods? Do you see the picture now? Do you see yourself?

Though we talk all that shit about how much we need God, our every action is to show how much we DO NOT need each other. I got a husband andddd???? I have a family annnnnddd? I have a job? I have a house and? Car and? They will need me before I need them. The more shit you have, the harder it is to keep it? If we were to get our priorities in order we would be an awesome people. Look at all the shit we have in America, yet it is increasingly harder to live. Today is the proof.

Cutting one another’s throat is Self-defeating isn’t it? How is that Godly? Why don’t we understand the importance of everyone in our lives and act like we need them? Is it because when you say you need someone they take advantage of the situation? White folk and any other folk took and is still taking advantage of black folk because Black Folk feel they do not need each other. So, how do we come by that feeling?

Being that white folk were and still are in control of black folk, black folk had to turn their backs on each other to show their loyalty to white folk. Black folk, who fail to show their loyalty to white folk are termed “good for nothing…” and they started with the Black Male. We have been indoctrinated with that mentality, and turned against our own kind. Instead of embracing each other, we avoid each other. Instead of embracing each other, it is far safer to embrace the evil ways of hypocritical white folk.

Call it like it is! They have been hypocritical all their lives, so why will they change now? Don’t ask no “dumb ass” black folk, ask Native Americans, who are considered the eyes and ears of America? They have firsthand experience.

Why can’t black folk see and hear shit? Why do I need a job, to pay taxes. Why do I need to pay taxes, when I am not entitled to a damn thing, except more work and inhumane treatment. More taxes for roads I cannot afford to use! Autos I cannot afford to buy. Loans for which I must pay higher rates… Yet, my parents keep telling me I need a job. What did they do for my ancestors? Then why in the hell do I think they are going to do more for me?

Am I better or worse? My parents worked hard as hell for nothing. Their parents worked hard as hell for less than nothing, sharecropping… and today, I have less than I did yesterday. In the military, who am I defending, what culture? Who pays me to fight their battles and the right for them to pay me to pay them to attend their schools? What happened to my schools? Why aren’t they accredited? Why aren’t they flourishing?

Give me my guns, money and freedom and I will give you “the change”. To whom are they referring? Is it acceptable for us to be treated this “inhumane”? Why would any people settle for being treated inhumanely? We have been treated inhumanely for so long, inhumane has become a part of our lifestyles.

You don’t need me, but you need God? You don’t need God, but you need a slave job? You don’t need me, but you need to pay your bills? You don’t need me but you need to pay taxes, attend mandatory education? Why do you need to attend every Sunday, a place we attended twice a month, if that? Why are you such a dedicated Christian, when all Christians ever did was “fuck you”? It was worse than fucking you, but included, your grandma, daddy, siblings…. And your monkey ass. It is hard to make chicken salad out of chicken shit.

Does a gun and/or money give you power, then for what the fuck are you working? If you use guns and money to achieve freedom, are you free? Education, why do we participate in such destructive behavior, because we would not get a pay check? Are we no more than educated prostitutes, pimps and whores sending our fellow man to hell? You can’t see that can you? You can see all this other shit, but it is kinda hard for you to see what is actually going on.

How does the rest of the world view African-Americans? Do we have it going on? Can we be trusted and depend upon each other? Then how can we love one another? Can you love God without loving me? cAn you serve God without first serving me? Then, why are you so reluctant to say and show me how much you need me? Why are you so eager to please and show white folk how appreciative you are of their racist asses? Do you appreciate them for abusing your ancestors, but sparing your monkey ass? Are they sparing or using you? Is it better to be used and abuse by them, than your own people? Why don’t they accept you the way you accept them?

Why can't you work family members? Do you not know who the man behind the mask is? You need me?

(((your inner

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