Negative, news, beliefs and actions? An addiction.

The impact of negative news on a people is devastating. You become so conditioned, you become numb to it and pay it no attention.

I've actually seem fights, a man beating a woman, but nobody pays any attention. It’s attention getting, entertaining, you can’t believe someone, anyone could be so stupid, in considerate or inhumane.

A neighborhood gone down, but nobody payz any attention. A people going down, yet no one payz any attention. Finally, negative news becomes an addiction. Addicted to negative press, there's always unnecessary drama attached. No simple solutions. Nothing makes sense.

Am I saving the world? I mean of all the national and international disputes, why are they so confusing and complicated? Whatever happened to "kiss and makeup"? You do believe in and still practice that don't you? Why not kiss an Iraqi, Iranian, American, Muslim and make-the-fuck up?

As I look at returning Veterans, I'm appalled, aren't you? Drugs, poverty, greed is shocking and appalling. In exchange for their lives and livelihoods, what changed? You just get more and more of the same until… Do I have any more freedom, material possessions? Is the world more safe, secure or at peace?

So is negative news the way I talk and behave? No, I'm not killing, stealing or destroying anyone.

Negative news and behaviors will knock you off the path. That’s why the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Would it be bad to say, I just don't want to be caught by surprise. Like participating in a crime, I don't want to have no parts of it. Tired of being tricked, I tired of the Bullshit.

Can you avoid negative news and consequences? Are there two sides to every story?

(((your inner

Year of Rebellion

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