Year of Rebellion:

Most don't take responsibility for shit? Gun Control?

Whose responsibility is that? Why am I even mentioning it?

While you whine about a cell phone and some other high tech gadget, think about what you're supporting? A people so stupid to abuse a cell phone is certainly well capable of abusing guns, weapons of mass destruction.

Self preservation, they're only concerned about their own asses and it is going to rot in hell. This is unacceptable.

What is your single purpose for being here? Is it to "help your fellow man or to guard against him"? Well, if you don't help then who will?

You know we are really full of shit. Do you see helping people, just in your family or can you see multiplying your efforts and for the same amount of effort, you help many more people?

Year of the Rebellion, ask yourself the right questions? Am I functional? Can I really help many more or is this just it? Who's going to save my ass?

A monumental year - Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, 2011 was the year a tightly wound coil was suddenly unsprung. Ordinary people flooded the streets to demand change, releasing energy and power that continues to transform the region. So, for what are we waiting? Will we head it off before hand?

Millions of people, many of them women and children protested for the first time, risking their lives to publicly express a deep, burning need for change. Government forces responded with relentless brute force.

It's not over yet. Brave individuals continue to put their safety on the line, standing against governments that respond with guns, tear gas and tanks.

"Year of Rebellion: The State of Human Rights in the World senses a bold human rights agenda for change. Foremost among these recommendations: stop sending weapons to governments that use them to kill and repress their own people.

I'm going to be talking a lot about weapons sales in the next few months -- it's an issue I care about, and one that has major implications for human rights. What are we doing with them? Do we know the best and proper use for them? Why do we terrorize ourselves?

We say America is about tech and information, but are you over looking what really makes things happen in America, FEAR and Weapons and Weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION. The speck and plank syndrome again.

Using excessive force against you, many have died and it all has to do with "Made in the USA."

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Do you do that how?

Chimp and Iraqi war

Church people and The PoPo?

Handguns in Tucson


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