Nervous Breakdown Corporate World

How to roll a water hose without kinks in it? You know there are people who take the time to role their water hoses and they can only accept it one way. They think they do it perfect every time. As a matter of fact, everything they do is perfect except for those things they need help doing. You know they have worked for everything they own, all their material possession are of great value to them. They wash their these possessions more than they wash their asses or they make you think they do. All that and they don’t have time for the menial tasks? They want you to wipe their asses and expect you to do it for little or nothing. The problem is, I just don't have time. Oh, but I pay for whatever I want and I always have the best and I take care of what I own, even though I do not have time. You know, the water hose. They wonder why others just can’t seem to get it RIGHT. Even when they do not have time.

How to pressure wash a long drive way without leaving a streak, not one little streak? Yes, they know how it is done, how it is suppose to be done. They just don't have time. I mean I do everything around the house and I would do this, if I had time. Let me show you, streaks mean you are not taking your time? Hold on, the electrians need me. Ask you an electrical question? Oh, I forgot I am in Milledgeville.

If you fire someone after they have all but finished the job? But because you did not like the way they were cleaning up,,,you just up and fired them. I told you to do it like this. Young boys who completed a huge project for you and was having fun cleaning up. You know, I told them boys. And, you wonder why every contractor screws you.

How to clean up my tools that I never use because I just do not have time? I am just not physically able. This shovel is 10 years old and it still looks new. That because I wash it after each use.

How to coordinate other jobs, while doing other jobs? That is how I do my yard work? It helps me remain focused. If I just had time.

You know I do not sleep well at night, I have so much responsibility. Is that responsibility or worrying yourself to death?

Other people are okay, but; they just don’t take the time to finish the job, you know,,,,put things away the way they are suppose to be. I would do it myself if I just had time. Telephone call!!! Just a moment,,,,could you finish rolling that hose up for me, buddy.

Now, I am getting…what time is it? Excuse me for nodding off…I was supposed…Church on Sunday?

You find it hard to pass by southern fried chicken, in country stores. If you want anything done right, do it yourself. Have some?

While you are explaining to me how to do a job, that I have no desire in doing, you could have done it yourself. Wasting Time!

You can not appreciate anything done to help you out. It just was not perfect like you always do it.

You mean well, however; you aggrevate the hell out of yourself and those around you, you just can not do anything good, for doing everything perfect--temper tandrums! Most of what you want done gets done out frustration, intimidation and manipulation. People are afraid to tell you, because you do not listen. You know how to do that perfect. Your mind is on more important things.

You are a nervous breakdown looking for somewhere to happen, if you do not start appreciating yourself and the people around you? Not for the wrong you hide and seek, but for the good they do to help you when you could not help yourself.

Living like there is no tomorrow, in the largest room in the world. With time, that thing that seems to escape you, we should grow older, wiser, closer getting better, but not you? The more you get, the better you are, the less you appreciate. 72 years old, rich as hell; yet you haven't learned to live and appreciate what you have--time.

In your mind the pressure is on. You are so focused on the kinks, you have forgotten about the joys of living. Everything you do, you do like a person holding a stick of dynamite. You know how it is done. The important question is: To do what?

What about sex, you reckon your wife appreciates that or is it the safety and security of all the shit you can get? The fear of being rejected from your perfect world.

Now, you should understand the eye of needle and why it is so hard to get through it--fried chicken. Enjoy and remember, stop, think how to live your best life.

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